My art is an invitation to help you experience a sense of peace by focusing on ‘nothing’ ...

Welcome, I’m Daxa, I create paintings and drawings for people who find it challenging to prioritise their own wellbeing. I’m genuinely concerned that we rarely experience a true sense of peace.

I was once a big ‘doer’. Constantly on the move, thinking of what was next. The next place to be, job to finish, call to make, meal to cook, meeting to attend, message to send. Never taking a breath.

Never ‘being present’.

Sound familiar?

One day it all stopped. I became very ill and the only thing I could ‘do’ was ‘breathe’ and ‘be’.

I was in the middle of my Masters in Art and Design as well as leading many arts projects, being a Mum and caring for my own Mother. Being forced to stop made me see just how fast I had been travelling through life and how feeling stressed became the norm.

Before slowing down, I used to create paintings in one sitting. Essentially starting and finishing a painting on the same day. My paintings now take me days and sometimes weeks to complete bringing me a wonderful sense of wellbeing. I want to share this feeling with you through my art.

Imagine feeling this sense of wellbeing by doing and thinking nothing without having the need to learn to meditate.

“ It’s great to support an Artist who puts so much love into her work. ”

Debbie Aspery, UK (more from Debbie later……)


Join me to discover more about everything from nothing....

Have you ever tried to do and think of nothing? It's really hard, isn't it?

For me, it’s the ultimate to connecting with my truer self and my purpose in life.

Each symbol of ‘0’ represents a cycle. A breath.  It’s calming and helps you to connect your mind and body by keeping your attention in the present moment.

It’s a way of meditating without having to try. In my latest work I am also challenging myself to paint what nothing feels and looks like. The paintings are filled with moments of space, stillness and emerging silence.

Take a small step today to connect to your sense of wellbeing

“I am lucky enough to have a number of Daxa’s pieces and they are all very special to me. I commissioned my first ever piece with Daxa, which was a lovely experience and makes the latest piece even more special. It is a perfect piece that makes me feel happy and content. It makes a lovely addition to my home.”

Debbie Aspery



Your Home Your Way

Born in the UK with parents of Indian origin, Daxa was surrounded by creativity and colour from an early age.

Initially trained at Art & Design School as a Printed Textile Designer, Daxa set up her studio in London for an international market.

Daxa transferred her skills into fine art 16 years ago and received a scholarship to study a Masters in Art and Design specialising in Painting at The School of Arts, Loughborough University in the UK. It was here that she found her muse, ‘Nothing’, that has been the foundation of her work for the last 9 years.

Her work aims to be an antidote to the high speed digital age and her intention is to help slow the experience of time down for her and her audience.

Her portfolio arts career has taken her globally, exhibiting in the UK, Dubai, US and Spain.  In addition, Daxa has trained other creatives on behalf of the British Council in Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Mexico and Chile.

For almost 2 decades her art has been bought by private collectors based around the world as well commissions that she has personally delivered to her clients in the UK. Her largest commission can be seen at the central London Headquarters of Prince Charles’s, The Princes Trust.

Daxa now works from her studio in a beautiful mountain village in Mallorca, Spain living with her Wife, teenage Daughter and 2 Spanish water dogs. She is discovering a rich Mallorcan culture based on community and tradition that’s not too far from her Indian upbringing. She also endeavours to understand the 3 languages that are spoken on the island sometimes incorporating all 3 in one sentence!

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