The Light Within Nothing


The Light Within Nothing       60 cm x 60 cm

This is the first artwork of this oil painting series I created and I must admit it’s my favourite. The memory of trying out a new technique with the bamboo tool I used to carve out the the 0’s from the creamy paint will always stay with me. 

Whilst I was painting it and I saw how the warm yellow was reaching through the 0’s and I just knew the painting had to have a title with, ‘light’ included in it. Combined with the richness and earthiness of the top layer of oil paint, this painting is virtually radiating warmth and sending out a loving hug to you.

The texture from the carving out of the 0’s creates a sense of a landscape throughout the painting as it flattens and peaks. When you have spent some time with this piece you will begin to experience the rhythm that moves through it. If you’re looking to sink deep into nothing and to feel grounded to the earth this is the painting for you.

With the oil painting wrapping around the extra deep sides of 8 cm the artwork takes on sculptural quality that can be viewed from so many different angles that I just love. This is the only series of artwork where I paint around the edges and it’ll make this a real statement piece in your home or office.

These paintings are created over a long period of time with every 0 carved out mindfully. I focus only on that 0  and work very close to the canvas giving all my attention to the creation of one 0 at a time. The painting evolves one 0 at a time using this process. The focus is on the present moment (the present 0) not the 0 that has just been created or the 0 to be created.


60 x 60 x 8 cm

Approx: 23″ x 23″ x 3″ 

Oil paint on deep edged canvas


Signed on the back & ready to hang




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