Have you ever met someone for a brief moment and felt like they are the sun, the moon and the stars in-between?

I have. This week I was saddened by the death of  an inspirational Artist, Visionary, and Leader, Grace Quintanilla aged 52. I dedicate this post to Grace. Grace, para ti.

In 2016 I had the pleasure of working with Grace in Mexico City at the Centre of Digital Culture that she founded and ran. On behalf of The British Council I ran a 4 day workshop to help creatives explore setting up in business.

The week was quite unique as Grace and the formidable, Miguel Angel Angeles had bought together a group of women from Mexico City as well as indigenous women from remote parts of Mexico.

I was warmly welcomed. It helped to bond these women together to support one another in their endeavours as well as develop skills.

Grace, throughout the week was an open, warm hearted, calm and beautiful soul. In the time I spent with her I observed how she led a team that admired and respected her.

Grace had a vision and stayed steadfast to achieve it and kept innovating to provide an inclusive space.

From learning about Grace she led the life she wanted to create for herself believing in all she did whole heartily. Being bold and brave in her ideas and seeing them through bought opportunities for other Artists to share . 

Are you waiting for the right time to do what you love? This is it everyone. Really it is. There isn’t another time. Take a deep breath and become your sun, your moon and the stars in-between. 

They will guide, support and help you shine. You just need to say yes and believe.

Share what are you waiting to do ‘someday’. Maybe by sharing, it will help you bring that day forward.

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