I truly believe having a sense of peace within ourselves is the most valuable feeling we can experience and the key to combating stress to help us meet our potential.

With a sense of peace comes a sense of wellbeing that helps us to feel:

Clear Headed - At Ease - Energised - Motivated...

A sense of peace and wellbeing connects our minds to our bodies so we feel relaxed and released from tension and stress.

Commission your art to help you feel even more at home and at peace.

What's a Commission?

It’s an experience of collaborating with me to have piece of custom art made just for you.
An artwork that will be perfectly suited to you and your home.

The wonderful thing I have loved about creating custom art for almost 20 years is getting to know why people want a piece of art made just for them. It’s very rarely just because they want something to decorate their wall.

They always have a story to tell and it’s that story that I just love to learn about.

What's Your Story?

I would love to hear your story. Whether it’s because you have just moved into a new home, you want to mark a special occasion or date or there’s been a significant change in your life and you want something just for you.

Whichever it is, I would be honoured.

Maybe you would like to gift a commission to someone. You see, already you have a story there! Sometimes however it may just be as simple as requiring a different size or colour combination.

What should You expect?

Having a piece of custom art made isn’t just about the art.

It’s about you and the enriching experience you’ll have from the moment of getting in touch with me to the day you receive your art to the many years you will be able to enjoy it. It will then become another story to tell and pass on to family and friends.

Enough about me. See what a lovely collector has shared about her commissioning experience of commissioning …

“From the first time I saw Daxa´s art, I knew her style, colour choices and general feel were a fit for me.

I hadn’t considered commissioning a piece of art before, only for the fact that it had never really occurred to me! As we started talking about my new home … and some large empty walls I wanted filling … the conversation and the process just seemed to happen organically. She took photos of the areas I was interested in pieces for and superimposed some of her existing art so I could have a look and feel of what it could be.

One of her concepts was immediately something both my husband and I loved: an installation of a number of small pieces from her “0” Series. It was a very methodical, collective process to select the colours that worked best for me and the space, as well as the mounting and framing for each of the pieces.

The end result really is something quite amazing. It completely transformed the space. The living space is at the top of our staircase…and I cannot count the number of people that have commented as they walk up and the artwork comes into view. It has been a while since we have had the artwork in our home and it’s one of my favourite spaces to sit, read and just be. Honestly I think it is one of the only spaces that actually feels “complete”. I am anxious to tackle a few other spaces within our home … and when I do, I know that Daxa will be one of my first calls.”

Shari Slagel


Ready to start talking about Your Commissioning Experience?

Short On Time?

Email me and I will send you all you need to begin the process of planning your artwork.
I’ll be sure to respond to your email within a day of receiving it.

Inspired To Start Planning..

Fill out this short inquiry form that gives me just the right amount of information about you and what you want from your artwork to start our conversation going. I’ll read your form as soon as I receive it.

Not Sure Where To Start?

I understand it can be a little daunting to commission an Artist. To help you get started take a look at the 3 commissioning experiences I’ve created to a suit a range of budget and needs.

“It was my first time commissioning an artwork and I wasn’t sure what the process would involve or what would come out of it. Daxa took her time to understand the emotional response I was looking for and getting to know the space.
She was very thorough and committed to the process to create and deliver the best and most suitable piece possible.
The painting looks beautiful in the room and gives me a sense of mental tranquillity. A bonus to commissioning Daxa is by the end of the experience you might understand a bit more about yourself too!”

David Nabarro


As the Artist, I retain all copyright of the commissioned artwork(s). Please seek written permission first from me if you wish to reproduce or use the artwork for commercial use.

As a commissioner myself I would like to credit Anouska Foss for all the wonderful studio photography and Santiago Stankovic for photography of my oil paintings. A little thanks to Lara for my lovely artist table shoot.

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