Viewing & purchasing artwork

Yes, of course. I love sharing work in progress on Instagram and Facebook and I also send out updates on new artworks and collections as part of my, ‘Everything from Nothing’ Newsletter that you can subscribe to here.

Yes, I love to welcome Collectors to my studio and to see the artwork ‘live’ From Spring 2019 I will have a studio and gallery in the centre of Palma in Mallorca. Email me so I can let you know when the studio is open.

Here’s a pic of me in the middle of it’s renovation…

It’s an honour to create a piece of artwork in my style that reflects just what a Collector wants.

Take a look at my commission me page to learn about the collaboration process or fill out the enquiry form so we can start planning together.


Email me direct a photograph of your space front on similar to the photograph.

If it’s only a wall without any furniture please also send the width and the height of the wall. Remember to also send me the name/s of the artwork/s you would like to see.

Take a photo of your space


If you have purchase a deep framed canvas or cradled board no you didn’t need to frame the artwork.

Depending on the type of painting I create, I either incorporate the painting on the sides or the sides are painted white. This is a contemporary way of displaying artwork.

If however you have purchased a drawing or print on paper, yes I would recommend framing to protect the artwork from damage, dust and sunlight.

Yes, the artwork is ready to go up on your walls and be enjoyed as soon as it arrives.

Yes, I use a mixture of satin and matt artists UV varnish to protect the artwork from dust and harsh sunlight.

However I would always recommend not displaying an artwork in direct sunlight.

As some of my Collectors use the artwork to help them with their mindfulness or meditation practice I don’t want my signature to distract them so I sign them on the back of the artwork.

I’ve been an Artist for almost 20 years and my subject matter has evolved over time.

I’ve been creating abstract art for almost 9 years and it’s what I feel passionate about and it is my focus now.

However I have painted seascapes, landscapes and portraits.

Here’s one of my favourite……..

Shipping & Delivery

The cost of shipping artwork varies hugely between countries.

I like to provide a bespoke price for your exact delivery address and requirements. That way you know exactly how much it will cost to receive the artwork.

You can see some shipping estimates below in €’s.

Size of Artwork Europe US India Australia
From 20 cm to 50 cm 30 90 90 90
From 60 to 70 cm 50 120 140 140
From 70 cm to 90 cm 80 240 280 280
Delivery Times 7 working days 14 working days 21 working days 21 working days

I hope that you would love the artwork after experiencing it online.

However if when you receive it, it isn’t what you expected then you can return to me within 7 days of receiving it and I will refund you the purchase price minus the cost of the return shipping.

Read more about here in my Terms & Conditions.


Mixed media is another way of saying artwork made with lots of different materials.

I use acrylic inks, pastels, papers to collage with, graphite, charcoal pencils and artists drawing pens.

What is mixed media

I like to paint on 3 different surfaces:

Stretched deep edged thick cotton canvas that is stapled to a wooden internal frame. I really enjoy the textural feel of the canvas and the deep edges give the paintings a 3-D quality. They are also ready to hang.

Cradled board made from plywood is a fantastic material to paint on for mixed media as it’s really smooth and helps to show all the subtle layers of the inks, pastels and paints. The boards are also deep edged and ready to hang with requiring a frame.

Handmade acid free Khadi paper is just a delight to work with. Acid free means it won’t eat away at my drawing pens that I use which means they last longer. The paper has a beautiful irregular quality to it that just feels like it has been lovingly made in India.

Oil paints are exactly what they say they are: paint made from oil.

Essentially coloured pigment and oil are mixed together to make the paint.

The oil is a natural product. The nature of oil means it takes a long time to dry compared to acrylic paint that is coloured pigment mixed with a fast drying synthetic binder.