Are you someone who gets anxious when waiting in a queue or do you relish the time to do just do nothing?

I get my best ideas during those times. I call them the  in between times. Sometimes it’s in a queue, or when I’m on the move by foot  or my favourite, by train. I love train travel. Other in between times are when there really isn’t much for me to do except just, ‘be’. Such as staring at a blank wall in a waiting room or a door in a bathroom. Lying down to drift off to sleep or that little moment between waking up and actually getting up.

These are the golden moments to harvest your best ideas

I love these moments of, ‘Nothingness’. No pressure to, ‘do’ or ‘think’.

This is when EVERYTHING happens, when you let your mind just wonder and not think about anything in particular. Out of this beautiful space of nothing sometimes an idea, vision or solution rises to the surface and appears. I call this, ‘everything from nothing’. It’s one of my personal philosophies that I live by.

An in between moment in my short film, 'Tunnel of Nothing'.

We’ve got so used to pulling out our mobile phones we are losing the ability to daydream

As an Artist, daydreaming is in my job description. However whether you are an Artist or not you might remember daydreaming as a kid when you disappeared into another world for a moment or two. As an adult you might have found yourself daydreaming during a meeting. All of a sudden you have zoned out. So what’s the thread that is relating these two moments. Well, it’s something as simple as boredom. We can only zone out and begin to daydream if we allow ourselves to get bored. To stop. Everything.

Of course being bored in our techno era is a no no. How can you possibly get bored with all the stimulus around you and at your fingertips? Simple, you give yourself permission.

Try this:

Leave your book or kindle at home.

Keep your phone in your bag or pocket.

Find something really unexceptional to look at or focus on a section of wall.




Keep waiting.


Eventually something will shift in your mind and the daydreaming will begin. Of course you can’t force it, however you can create the ‘environment’ to encourage it.

What’s the worst that could happen? You get bored!


These are some of best ideas that come out of my boredom.

If you try it I’d love to know what rewards your boredom gives you. Comment below.

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