A couple of years ago, flying back from the UK to Mallorca after visiting family I made a statement to my Wife, ‘I feel travel is over-rated’.

After considering this for a few moments my Wife prepared herself for what she calls, a ‘Daxa’ answer’ and asked very gently, ‘So, why is that honey?’ To which I answered something along these lines:

‘We spend so much of our energy aspiring to travel to, ‘get away from it all’. We invest a lot of time and money into planning flights, researching accommodation, organising itineraries. It’s wonderful exploring different cultures and experiencing new places and people. Sometimes though I just feel we need to put all that energy into what isn’t explored. Ourselves.’

Do you sometimes feel you know a city like the back of your hand but you don’t know your own hand, your own palm lines? 

Is the great outdoors for adventure always beckoning you to go into the wild without knowing where the great indoors of you could lead you?

Travel without moving Daxa Parmar

Being in constant motion and planning mode can de-root us. Being still for a few moments each day in our lives can have a powerful effect on our well being.

Sitting with yourself, listening to yourself will help you connect deeper to what you really want to discover.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be travelling. It’s about making considered choices. Stillness can bring those choices to you as you connect to a deeper part of yourself.

I was so chuffed this week to come across a wonderful TED talk on this subject from travel writer, Pico Iyer. It spurred me on to write this blog.

Maybe the next time you are thinking of planning a trip away to get away from it all, consider planning some time in. A vacation to explore the boundless you without distractions.

I hope you discover a place you can keep returning to time and time again that brings you all you need to relax, recharge and renew.

I’m challenging myself to paint virtually nothing. Take a look at, ‘The stillness of nothing‘.

I would love to know, is it ‘still’ enough?

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